Expert Step-by-Step
Private Training

Boosta is a unique private training app centered around an interactive step-by-step learning system that provides a one-on-one connection between athlete and trainer.

Boosta makes trainers better teachers.

Boosta’s intuitive teaching tool enables trainers to convert challenges into bite-sized lessons that make even the most complicated exercises teachable. The interactive platform lets trainers connect with their players individually with video correction or praise, offering the kind of personalized encouragement that fuels more learning and has only previously been available face-to-face.

Boosta makes players better learners.

This is training how you always wished it could be– learning outside the constraints of time and place with personalized feedback from the trainer you trust.

EXPLORE new trainer-created challenges daily.

Trainers are constantly adding new learnable challenges to expand their library. Challenges can be simple exercises for those who are just beginning, all the way to advanced techniques for those on the path to mastery.

STEP-BY-STEP learning.

Our innovative step-by-step experience allows trainers to break down a challenge into bite-sized steps along with video trainer tips to provide expert insight & help players fully understand the step.

Players record themselves imitating each step of an exercise and submit them to the trainer to unlock a chance at recreating the trainers full challenge. This ensures players fully absorb every part of a new skill so that they perfect their technique before they move on. You can’t skip steps, every step builds upon the last until the skill is mastered.

MOTIVATION directly from the trainer.

Once a player successfully unlocks each step and masters the full challenge, a trainer rewards them with a “medal.” If a player needs help completing a step or challenge, trainers can review player videos and send personalized video feedback to help them work through what they are struggling with.

Custom challenge creation tools for trainers

Ever-growing library of learnable challenges

Comprehensive & interactive step‑by‑step learning experiences

Personalized private video feedback from the trainer

"The amount of detail I can provide to an endless amount of kids is INCREDIBLE!"
Alfredo Sainz
Elite Youth Soccer Trainer
"The technique and detail with Insainz Training on Boosta is 🤯"
Elite Youth Soccer Player
"This app makes choosing your environment easy. Boosta’s digital private training environment is QUALITY!"
Elite Youth Soccer Parent

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