Every player
needs a mentor

Step-By-Step Training with 1-to-1 Feedback.

The Boosta platform connects dedicated coaches and ambitious players through an interactive step-by-step system so they can train 1-to-1, creating a personalized training experience that fuels more learning and has only been previously available face-to-face.  

Expert teaching


Trainers deliver their expert knowledge in a video lesson broken into small, easy-to-master steps for you to learn one by one.

In-depth practice

anytime, anywhere

You learn and master skills through studying, practicing, and submitting videos of your performance every step of the way.

1-to-1 feedback

every time

Trainers review every step of your practice and provide step-based feedback with personalized star-ratings & videos, delivering the level of attention and assessment needed to drive improvement.

Why it works

Accessibility to dedicated trainers

Pick and choose as you like, from a network of world-class coaches who guide you through powerful step-by-step training experiences.

Boosta connects you with positive mentors dedicated to your greatness. Passionate about helping you train until you master your game. Interested and invested in your future.   


Accountability every step of the way 

Learn the tough skills and techniques you’ve always wanted to master on your own, knowing a dedicated coach is there to train with you step-by-step.

It’s this step-based interaction that makes training on Boosta so compelling. Expert coaches have converted their lessons into insightful bite-sized pieces, allowing you to train with them on every step of an exercise until you’ve mastered it in its entirety.


Acknowledgment & encouragement

Encouraging feedback from an excited trainer is perhaps the most valuable carrot of all!

The innovation in Boosta’s feedback technology offers personal attention and detailed 1-to-1 feedback on each and every step of your training. You not only get an instructor that knows the game but someone who is reviewing your practice, correcting a technique, or simply praising your hard work. Training on Boosta becomes much more than just guidance and instruction. It’s a feeling of mentorship and true dedication to you. 


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