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Your step-by-step journey to greatness.

Boosta connects expert trainers and passionate players through an intuitive, step-by-step system designed to elevate your game.

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Find Your Guide

Choose from Boosta’s hand-picked, expert trainers, and find the right guide to level-up your game.

Guided Practice

Boosta uses an interactive, step-by-step training system that guides your passion and makes complex teaching and learning easier.

Quality Feedback

Encouraging feedback from an excited trainer means everything when you’re trying to conquer a new skill.  Boosta’s process gives personalized instruction to meet the needs of each player.

Boosta’s system is built on passion, drive, and a unique software that connects the perfect trainers with willing learners. It’s where you’ll find expert instruction, private feedback, and innovative training techniques created to guide you toward greatness.

Expert trainers dedicated to your greatness.

Nobody ever wins alone.

Every Boosta trainer is hand-picked. And while they must be talented and a true expert in their field, our criteria is not based solely on accolades. We look for trainers who are obsessed with sport. Dedicated to guidance. And passionate about helping you level up. 

We want positive mentors who can encourage you with the perfect feedback, a discerning eye that can see where you need help, and a vision for your pursuit of excellence. 

The path to 
greatness is traveled 

Bite-sized lessons.

Before you learn anything, you study the steps. If you wanted to play a concerto, for example, you’d read the music first, study the notes, play with the hand positioning, endlessly practice, and then finally get to work putting it all together.

It’s this step-by-step technique that makes Boosta better than any training software out there. It works by taking masterful instruction techniques and dividing them into bite-sized pieces for you to learn one by one, turning the toughest challenges into easy tasks to conquer.

This patented software makes complex teaching simpler and ambitious learning more productive and fun. So you accomplish big goals in every practice.

Personalized encouragement that motivates you forward.

Boosta’s goal is to get personal. 

Boosta believes the key to improvement lies in your support team. Knowing that someone has your back and wants to show up for you gives you all the more reason to push harder, try again, and practice when there’s nothing scheduled. 

The innovation in Boosta’s feedback technology offers personal attention and detailed feedback. You not only get an instructor that knows the game but someone who is willing to push you, offer advice, correct a technique, or simply tell you when you’re killing it. 

It’s much more than guidance and instruction. It’s a feeling of friendship and true dedication to your game. It can only inspire you to go forth.

Expert teaching & In-depth learning
wherever and whenever you want.

Boosta makes trainers better teachers

Boosta allows trainers to deliver comprehensive learning experiences in fun video packages to an unlimited number of players anywhere in the world, scaling practice sessions and helping clients get the results they need on their path to mastery. 

Boosta makes players better students

For players, the Boosta platform takes tough, technical teaching and whittles it down into bite-sized lessons that make learning fun and empowering. Plus, the guidance and feedback from top, trusted trainers take the Boosta learning experience to unparalleled levels. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to get everyone in the game. To keep them in. To coach them, support them, and connect them to a new world of sport.

We started with soccer, but the real kicker is how quickly we plan to scale Boosta with solutions beyond mere physical health. We want to create a roster of skills that reinforce emotional, cognitive and social well-being.

With so much to learn and Boosta’s unique way of teaching, our hope is to improve the world by accelerating the rate at which you can learn complex skills and ultimately realize your true human potential.

Our Story

Founders Tim Donnelly & Shelby Erickson have been friends since they were ten— when they would meet at the same park every day after school and play until the street lights came on.

They were the opposite in every way. One was all about straight As while the other barely graduated. One loved basketball and the other soccer. But what they had in common was big: they were so obsessed with sport that they became dedicated students of the game— putting in the hours and absorbing knowledge from those around them – coaches, teammates, professionals. They didn’t care about being THE BEST, but they bonded over this feeling of wanting to be a little bit better tomorrow than they were today. So they put in the hours, little by little. Step by step.

And it worked! Tim went from WOW-ing opponents at youth club games to captaining a Division I Soccer Team and traveling the globe as a sponsored athlete for Nike Soccer.

Shelby became a pick-up legend around the courts in Long Beach, playing against folks like NBA MVP James Harden and NFL legends Tony Gonzales and Marcedes Lewis. He never chased a career in basketball, but that didn’t stop him from dunking on anyone in his way. When they shared that discovery with each other, Boosta was born.

And so it began

With the smell of the court and team energy reverberating in their heads, founders Tim and Shelby were shocked when they saw a decline in kids joining sports.

They knew a skillful, passionate coach could get kids on fields and courts again, and they started scouting for top trainers who could help them develop a new kind of training technology. They decided to study one of their top picks who was having great success with players mastering complex skill sequences. He taught them step-by-step, breaking everything down into tiny lessons that made learning fun and feel triumphant.

He made learning seem effortless.

By building an intuitive app with a proper step-by-step teaching mechanism, the pair realized they could scale training. It would be the key to helping coaches everywhere expand their teaching exponentially and help players master the skills they’d been dreaming about from exclusive trainers.

In Boosta’s eyes, the path to greatness is all mapped out. And you get there one step at a time.