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Although it’s taken a lot of work from a lot of people to get to this point – from here on out we’re going to be moving FAST! So, we’ve decided we’ll send you email updates, like this one, to keep you in the loop with what everyone is focused on.

We promise to only send out email updates when there are important updates to share. We are not looking to be in your inbox, for the sake of being in your inbox. 

We’ll use these updates to keep you excited and keep us accountable. Without any further ado…

The kickoff.

Everyone in the same room.

Everyone on the same page.

By Shelby Erickson, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

[email protected]

For the official Boosta Kickoff, Tim & I wanted to get the entire team in the same room so that we could get some face time as well as personally pitch them on why Boosta is such an important project.

Not only did we get to share why we’re so passionate about building Boosta, but we got to hear from everyone on the team why Boosta is important to them – that was pretty damn special!

What I’m focused on now.

My primary focus right now is to finish our “Friends & Family” fundraising round. We’re almost halfway there, and anticipate that we’ll be done in the coming weeks.

Once that money is raised, my attention will shift back into “Launch Mode”

Designing with a Master.

Ideation with Alfredo Sainz is invaluable

By Tim Donnelly, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]

From Boosta’s inception, we have had Alfredo in our plans. I had personally built a strong relationship with him over the years after working with him on a number of different brand initiatives in the soccer space and always knew he would be a perfect partner for Boosta. It has been invaluable to be able to work hand-and-hand with Alfredo during the development stage of Boosta, helping drive insights and sharpening our strategy. 

Alfredo has the clout! His innovative approach to training the next generation of soccer players has captivated the country, especially after one of his clients became a viral story. Olivia Moultrie became the youngest American women’s soccer player to turn pro, at the age of 13 earlier this year.

When we think about putting the ultimate training solution in kids hands and granting them access to proven trainers- Alfredo is the fit! It is not just his own technical skill that is impressive but his professionalism, experience, and passion that resonates. He is a real world hero in the sport, that helps you train like a pro!

What I’m focused on now.

Strategic partnerships in the soccer category is what I am focused on. Identifying other top talent like Alfredo who we know will want to grow with us and bring value to our subscribers. 

Technology that matters.

Why Boosta was the perfect fit for the JLOOP team

By Jay Dysart, Chief Technology Officer

[email protected]

The JLOOP team brings nearly 18 years of operational experience to the Boosta project and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.  Our mantra for many years has been “Creative Technology That Matters”.  We have long been focused on projects that have a need to exist.  Projects and products that serve real human need, and where our impact as a team can be felt.  

We’re a mix of creatives and technologists, with a strong focus on user experience.  We spend our days building really cool things for brands both big and small, and we have a great passion to make real things for real people.

Boosta came along at a great time for us.  We are just finishing a 5-year run that included heavy investment in both the video and the learning spaces.  We just launched a major redesign of an internal learning platform at IBM, and we’re putting the finishing touches on the launch of Odeum – our own product that serves the needs of video publishers looking to connect directly to consumers through a subscription model.  Add to that, a multi-year gamified learning program that we ran for the state of Nevada, and we’ve got experience and passion in all the building blocks of Boosta.  

What I’m focused on now.

Our team is moving forward on building the MVP (“Minimum Viable Product”) to get the essential elements of the Boosta experience out into the world as soon as possible.  The goal is to deliver a product that can test the core premise of Boosta for both the trainers and the players.  To that end, our UX team is currently finalizing the app screens and flows, while our development team is documenting and defining the architectural approach for the MVP.  The emphasis is on speed to market, without compromising our need to test our critical assumptions.  

Machine learning.

Planning for the future. Building asset value today.

By Jonathan Strietzel, Chief Operations Officer

[email protected]

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence “AI” will play a dominant role in our lives in the very near future.  We see the beginnings of these AI systems today manifested in the form of the self-driving car, voice-activated “Oracle” systems like SIRI, Alexa and Google.   

Boosta’s team has strong insight into these current state-of-the-art and the coming technical innovations. We plan to future proof the Boosta system by ensuring that all Boosta technologies built today are ready for that future.

What I’m focused on now.

Outside of general company operations and strategy, I am focused on building our intellectual property portfolio in the form of system and utility patents.  The goal is to create a portfolio of patents that protect the core Boosta training system as well as what the Boosta training system will become once we start to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.  This strategy should add huge asset value to the Boosta company and act as a deterrent for future competition.

Fundraising Update

As we start to close out our “Friends & Family” round, we want to make sure that you have a chance to get involved if you haven’t done so already.

If you have not given a verbal investment commitment yet but are still planning on investing, please let us know the amount that you’re thinking so that we can make sure we don’t close the round without your involvement.

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