End of year update…

There’s no way around it – this year was tough. Historically tough. Globally tough. It was just a no good, rotten, terrible year.

But… It was quite amazing to see the resilience in so many people…looking to learn new skills, create their own destiny, improve and stay healthy in the face of a global crisis. 

Despite all of the chaos and difficulty, there was one thing that made this year INCREDIBLE for us – Boosta.

While so many industries were flattened by the pandemic, we were so fortunate in that the Boosta   opportunity was magnified and accelerated by COVID-19.  It blew up to such a significant extent that one would think the idea was born out of the pandemic.  But as you’re all well aware, we started building Boosta long before this year. We already believed, pre-COVID, that the world needed Boosta – the pandemic has only increased both the opportunity & demand for the Boosta offerings!  (the one good thing to come out of 2020).

Throughout the year we’ve seen our path forward become clearer and clearer. Boosta is helping dedicated trainers train bigger, reach wider, and motivate more!

We’ve had a lot of exciting developments since our last update, and to illustrate some of the momentum, check out these topline metrics from our custom Boosta dashboard for Trainer #1 – Alfredo Sainz:

  • Data from July – October
    • Avg MRR(Monthly Recurring Revenue) for iNSAiNZ Training on Boosta, $2,445
    • Avg MRR per subscriber, $222
    • 165+ Challenges created
    • 1,930 Player videos reviewed
    • 10 trainer intros from other trainers that saw Alfredo talking about Boosta on his social media that led directly to on-boarding.

By giving trainers a new revenue stream through virtual training in a simple and effective way – offering them marketing strategy, assets, and support- we have created a new digital training ecosystem!

If we were to summarize 2020, it would be that Boosta is WORKING


Lastly, we are planning on finishing up our “Friends & Family” round in the coming months. As this may be the last time to invest before we pursue professional financing, we would love to have you get involved in this round before we close it.

If you would like to set up a time to review our latest pitch deck, we would be thrilled to walk you through it!

Although 2020 has been a total 💩stormcloud, building Boosta every day has been the team’s silver lining. We wake up every day excited to push this company forward!

Most importantly, THANK YOU for supporting us on our journey. If you are receiving this email, you have already played a part in the continuing success of Boosta. 

Here’s to 2021! May it be just as good for Boosta but a heck of a lot better for the world.

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